Monday, 7 July 2008


Lately I've been having a lot of fun with my friends in Wrocław. Going to the city center, making new friends and enjoying the summer. Since my friend Alberto arrived, we've been mostly playing football! At least twice a week.

My workmates used to play volleyball every tuesday, but the Brazilian influence has contributed to make the change! Now, at least during the summer, the official sport is football. :P

It's easy to interact with other Polish players in the same team. Basic sentences are: "Podaj pierdoloną piłkę" (meaning: "Pass the fucking ball") and after an unsuccesfull attempt to score, we normally say: "Ja pierdolę!" (meaning: "Oh, fuck!").

After playing football these latests months I can say that the statistics are:

Among the Poles who play football (amateurs):

5% of them play very well.
10% of them play like normal Brazilian amateurs players.
55% of them are able to makes passes or kick the ball towards the goal.
30% of them are on the court to fullfil the teams.

When we play here, we normally do it until the total waste of our bodies. In Polish we have sentence for that: "Gramy do zajebania" - Meaning: "We play until we are totally fucked up" :)

Advice for all my readers: Stop smoking and practice sports for a healthy life. :)

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Milishor said...

I am gladly reading your advice for healthy life and totally sustain your idea!!! and I must tell u I dont smoke, barely drink but started fitness and man do I fel GREATTTT~~~~ for football is just for me:( hehe, so glad u have so much fun N. }{ kiss and hugz, mili