Sunday, 15 June 2008

Bora comer essa mizeria!! (Let's eat this misery!)

I got surprised with polish cuisine one more time!! After criticizing polish traditions of eating lots of sausages, I went to a small restaurant close to the dormitory I live and after ordering my fish filet I was asked about which salad should come along side my main course:

Lady: Z jaką surówką? (With which salad?)
Nano: jaka jest? (What are the salads available?)
Lady: Biała, Buraczki... MIZERIA... (White, beetroot, Mizeria...)
Nano: Mizeria??

Mizeria means "Misery" in portuguese (Miséria). That sounded very funny because in the northeast of Brasil people use this word as an adjective for something that is crappy.

I looked to my Brazilian friends Luis and Edmilson (they were already laughing) and then I said: "vou experimentar essa mizeria!!" (I'm gonna try this misery!!) eheh! The lady was wondering why we were laughing so loudly. :P

So, are you curious to see how does the mizeria look like? Here you go:

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Alberto Ferreira Filho said...

Que mizeria! Alface com pepino... acertei? eca!