Thursday, 8 May 2008

Brazilian bash in Wrocław

Think about the biggest Brazilian meeting ever made in Wrocław. Six people! (Uff! Very true!) There are not so many Brazilians around. In total we've heard about eight Brazilians at the moment living in Wrocław, but only six were available to join. We had a very special Brazilian feijoada with traditionals cheese-breads - Sponsored by lovely Angolan friend Angela who sent the black beans and the cheese-bread powder from Great Britain to me.

There was also "Polish-Caipirinha" - Which consists on a normal Wyborowa vodka (polish) but prepared as a Brazilian caipirinha (limes, crushed ice rocks). It's also possible to see a bottle of Zlaty Bazant which is a Slovak beer. Bringing the Slovak temper to our party. :P

People who joined:

Ana (Blondy) from Rio de Janeiro
Izabela (Brunette) from Curitiba
Nano (Carrying the flag) from Salvador
Luis (Red t-shirt) from Rio de Janeiro
Edmilson (Blue t-shirt) from Recife
Paulo (Dark-brown t-shirt) from Pantanal Forest

Photos: (click to enlarge)

I'm already looking forward for the next feijoada! :P


Paulo said...

From Pantanal Forest??? hahahahah...

Ana said...

Oi amor
A feijoada tá com uma carinha boa. O gosto tb está? Levou carnes nessa feijoada?

Anonymous said...

Is nice to see you happy there.
I am very eager to travel soon and mix myself to the Poles.
See ya... :)

Alexandre Barroso said...


Meu nome e Alexandre e agora tambem moro em Wroclaw. Estou afim de fazer novos amigos e dividir expereiencias. ja conheco 5 brasileiros que moram em wroclaw e gostaria de conhecer mais. Sempre estou fazendo um churrasquinho e ia ser muito bom se pudessemos fazer um com varios brasileiros juntos. Por favor entre em contato: meu email e: