Monday, 28 April 2008

Slovak castles

Slovak trip from the west to the east! One more slovak chapter for you!

I went back Bratislava to meet some friends again and then I went to opposite side of Slovakia, to Poprad! During spring, it is a nice place to enjoy the nature, the mountains and, of course, the castles!

First castle I visited was the Bratislava Castle, detroyed by Napoleon in 1811 and reconstructed in 1950's.

The Spiš Castle in Spišska Podhradie was a medieval castle (now there are only ruins) built in the 12th century and owned by the Hungarian kings until the year of 1464.

The castle was burned and abandoned in the 18th century because the previous owners found it very "uncomfortable" - Bastards!

More information about these castles can be found on Wikipedia:

Bratislava Castle - Click here
Spiš Castle - Click here

Click here to see the full photo album.

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Milishor said...

Oh dear, you are a traveler and a castle hunter..Dracula is waiting for ya:))

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