Friday, 4 January 2008

"Felicidade" auf München

I feel to be the most fortunate among trainees in Wrocław, because I was the only one to spend christmas and new years eve with family (mother, father, brother). We had a wonderful time travelling in Poland, Czech and Germany.
In Munich I had the opportunity to meet Korbi again. He's my best german friend. I had met him in Warsaw in February of 2007, and I'd told him that I would pay him a visit some day. He guided us in Munich, showing the city center and taking us to the most typical place in Munich to have the famous white sausages and drough beer (to be drunk using a 1-liter mug ofcourse).
This photo in the left will be forever remembered because of how it was taken. We asked Korbi to do it, and before taking it, he said: "Say: FELICIDADE" which means "happiness" in portuguese. So, as we never expected him to say such word, we laughted spontaneously. He really was smart enough to capture the essence of that moment. :)

The following days we spent visiting Füssen (Castle Neuschwanstein) and Regensburg. The castle is located very close to the austrian border, in the mountains. Really beautiful place to visit. I also heard that Disneyland's castle was built based on its architecture. :P

My friend Korbi:

More photos:


Iteke said...

Hej. :)
Jesteś niesamowicie podobny do twojej mamy. Jeszcze raz dziękuję za życzenia.
Pozdrawiam i całuję


Mili said...

i like the pic with ur family very much, and indeed it does give a feeling of Felicidade and peace..and at first i thought that ur brother is u...u dont have the beard anymore, i thought it is chic:))

hugs, MIli

nano said...

Thx for the advice I'll let it grow again! :P

Karol Tomoki said...

I vote yes for beards as well :) Beard brothers, together we're stronger! Rejoin!!