Tuesday, 11 December 2007

New office

PGS Software just moved to a new and bigger office, twice as far as the previous but three times bigger.
I took a photo of my new desk (left). As you can see, I got my two LCDs, my black 1920's style hat and my polish cooking book on the desk. Perfect environment for software developing, except for one thing that is still missing... The kitchen is not ready yet, so the lady that comes here everyday to make sandwiches is not comming until the kitchen is ready.
My polish cooking book is useless here anyway. In fact I don't cook in the company but I keep the book here so I can choose what to cook and buy the ingredients on the way back to home.
The closest restaurant to the new office is a bit expensive, so in the next days I'll try to reach some cheaper restaurants few stops from here, so I can get something more substancial for less :P

Photos of the new building (yesterday):

Photos of the packing day (last friday):

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