Sunday, 16 December 2007

Jingle bell rock

Ho ho ho, it's christmas time! Last weekend I joined my friends from University of Technology on the christmas celebration weekend. Lots of fun!
This meeting gathered around thirty people. Among them, only two foreigners: Nano from Brazil and Tatsiana from Belarus. This meeting took place in a very cozy venue in the hills of Sobótka,PL. As the only non-slavonic person attending this meeting, I had special care and as people noticed I had few polish language skills, they were very pleased to help me learning more expressions and moreover they were trying to speak to me slowly as an attempt to make me understand better, I'm grateful for that.
The agenda had some learning activities and also parties. Let's focus on the parties! LOL! On friday we had a party whose theme was "Angels & Demons"... Mmm... Which side would I join? Of course I joined the evil force, I'm the heavy metal guy and, besides, angels only play harps. I play electric guitar. LOL! Check out one photo of me and one of my foes below. There wouldn't be no evil without the good, they must coexist. :)
During the party I took over the lead of songs queue, and I've played some brazilian classics such as "A Namorada" by Carlinhos Brown, well known for carnival compositions.
If you wanna see polish people dancing that song in such a funny and crazy way, go ahead:

On the second day, we had an unforgettable 'unofficial' christmas eve, with a tasty banquet. The room was totally decorated for the ocasion.

We also had a Santa Claus and presents. During the presents' delivery, Santa asked me to sing some song in portuguese in order to give me my present. Damn, I was so shy! If I knew I had to perform some stunt I'd probably have gotten drunk before. LOL.
Anyway, I ended up singing "Sozinho" by Peninha. When I was singing I heard nothing else, except for my voice, everybody was staring at my (poor) performance. Damn! my voice is too low! But anyway, for them, it didn't make any difference. They were impressed to hear something in a very beautiful language such as the brazilian portuguese. I even got applauses for that. :P

More photos:


Iteke said...

Yeah. Evil with a beer. :>
Merry Christmas Nano. :)
Wesołych Świąt spędzonych z rodziną.
Ja już nie mogę doczekać się świąt, no i najlepszego... prezentów!
Buziaki :*

Mili said...

wow, soo nice...Nano, bu u have a great voice, i am sure they were looking at you with jealousy:)

Karol Tomoki said...

Quite a while I didn't look here, but you're doing great I see! :)
Be sure to ROCK even more in the year 2008, man! Your brother in Japan is watching!