Friday, 21 December 2007


Nothing better than having a feast with colleagues after a long year of fun, joy and professional growth of course! ;)

PGS Software has provided an official dinner to celebrate the end of the year. It happened in one of the best steakhouses in Wrocław,PL: "Rodeo Drive" - An american steakehouse indeed. Comparing to last year's celebration, PGS now has 150% more employees and next year we will need to find a bigger place to celebrate. :)
We also had guests from the other PGS office in Rzeszów (Southeast of Poland), they travelled 7 hours by train just to attend the meeting.

Another good thing here in PGS is: Those employees who get married automatically win a very special prize! a weekend stay in a polish resort, 'sponsored' by PGS! LOL! So, if you are a hot chick, speak polish or slovak, and know how to cook really good, just let me know. ;)

We, employees, also felt grateful and we collected money to buy presents to PGS' owners: Paweł, Wojtek and Monika.
Moreover, PGS had given each of us a nice christmas present: a suitcase (with handle and wheels). really good!

Thx PGS!

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Sunday, 16 December 2007

Jingle bell rock

Ho ho ho, it's christmas time! Last weekend I joined my friends from University of Technology on the christmas celebration weekend. Lots of fun!
This meeting gathered around thirty people. Among them, only two foreigners: Nano from Brazil and Tatsiana from Belarus. This meeting took place in a very cozy venue in the hills of Sobótka,PL. As the only non-slavonic person attending this meeting, I had special care and as people noticed I had few polish language skills, they were very pleased to help me learning more expressions and moreover they were trying to speak to me slowly as an attempt to make me understand better, I'm grateful for that.
The agenda had some learning activities and also parties. Let's focus on the parties! LOL! On friday we had a party whose theme was "Angels & Demons"... Mmm... Which side would I join? Of course I joined the evil force, I'm the heavy metal guy and, besides, angels only play harps. I play electric guitar. LOL! Check out one photo of me and one of my foes below. There wouldn't be no evil without the good, they must coexist. :)
During the party I took over the lead of songs queue, and I've played some brazilian classics such as "A Namorada" by Carlinhos Brown, well known for carnival compositions.
If you wanna see polish people dancing that song in such a funny and crazy way, go ahead:

On the second day, we had an unforgettable 'unofficial' christmas eve, with a tasty banquet. The room was totally decorated for the ocasion.

We also had a Santa Claus and presents. During the presents' delivery, Santa asked me to sing some song in portuguese in order to give me my present. Damn, I was so shy! If I knew I had to perform some stunt I'd probably have gotten drunk before. LOL.
Anyway, I ended up singing "Sozinho" by Peninha. When I was singing I heard nothing else, except for my voice, everybody was staring at my (poor) performance. Damn! my voice is too low! But anyway, for them, it didn't make any difference. They were impressed to hear something in a very beautiful language such as the brazilian portuguese. I even got applauses for that. :P

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Tuesday, 11 December 2007

New office

PGS Software just moved to a new and bigger office, twice as far as the previous but three times bigger.
I took a photo of my new desk (left). As you can see, I got my two LCDs, my black 1920's style hat and my polish cooking book on the desk. Perfect environment for software developing, except for one thing that is still missing... The kitchen is not ready yet, so the lady that comes here everyday to make sandwiches is not comming until the kitchen is ready.
My polish cooking book is useless here anyway. In fact I don't cook in the company but I keep the book here so I can choose what to cook and buy the ingredients on the way back to home.
The closest restaurant to the new office is a bit expensive, so in the next days I'll try to reach some cheaper restaurants few stops from here, so I can get something more substancial for less :P

Photos of the new building (yesterday):

Photos of the packing day (last friday):

Monday, 3 December 2007

Sunday at Magnolia Park, newest shopping center of Wrocław.

What really took me to that place was the "Burger King" ... The day before I had seen a commercial on the cinema just before the movie "Resident Evil: Zagłada" starts... LOL. Funny thing is: A new 2-floor Burger King had been built on a place 3-min away (by foot) from my previous residence in Brazil, just 1 month after I arrived in Poland...

Magnolia Park is powered by a big cinema, a big 'TESCO' supermarket, a big 'Saturn' store for cameras, mp3s, plasma tv sets, mobile phones, laptops and so on... There are also lots of places to sit and have a coffee or an ice-cream.

I was surprised when I saw a demonstration... a polish guy dressed-up like Aladdin, and carrying some 'Boa constrictors' -- in Brazil these are known as 'Jiboias', not poisoning snakes, but normally very agressive while in their natural habitat, maybe these ones had been borned in captivity, that's why they were so kind snakes. Right beside the snakes' show-off I could have tried indoor climbing... Mmm... maybe next time :P

I also made a video:

More photos:

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