Monday, 19 November 2007

A dream called "Slovakia"

Only 4 days. But enough to be unforgettable. How can every moment be so magic? That's how was my trip to beautiful Slovakia. I was invited by Zuzka (Zuzkita, :P ) to an AIESEC Conferece in Štrba city, close to the High Tatra mountains. Zuzka is my slovakian friend who lived in Brazil for one year and speaks portuguese fluently, so cool! My friend Luis also joined me for this conference.

1st Day (14-NOV-2007): First step of this adventure was to face seven hours by train departing from Wroclaw (the meeting place!) to Katowice (for a train connection) and then to Žilina in Slovakia. At the train station in Katowice, I wasn't sure which train was going to Slovakia, and I tried to ask in Polish to one of the drivers who were outside and the driver was Slovak, he noticed I'm not a native polish speaker and he thought I was Slovak(as I was heading SK), then he spoke to me very fast in Slovak, I couldn't understand a word... then he asked me: "Slovak?", and then I said: "NIE!! Brazyliczykiem!!" LOL!! So he laughted a bit and pointed the train saying: "Słowacja, tak tak". A couple hours later the train reached the slovak border and immigration officers (one slovak and one polish) came inside the train to check our passports. I think they had never seen brazilians before... they were so curious, and read all the pages of our passports. I could understand part of the conversation they were having, they said something like that:

Officer #1: "Hey, we got 2 brazilians!"
Officer #2: "Oh, Let me see."
Officer #1: "Do they need visa?"

LOL! After few minutes we were free to go! :)

We decided to stay in Žilina for 1 night before heading the venue in Štrba. Žilina is a small city in northern Slovakia, with around 67.000 inhabitants. Žilina has a cute, small and cozy city center:

We t
ried to contact some AIESEC member in Žilina to find accomodation but they were all gone to the conference in high tatras except for Peng, nice chinese dude who offers us accomodation. Thx Peng! eheh! We were also invited to a chinese bash in his dormitory, we had chinese food cooked by two very talented chinese girls! Two french guys and a portuguese also joined us.

2nd Day (15-NOV-2007): Heading the venue in High Tatras(Štrba) which is close to Poprad. We stayed in a very cozy hotel, totally 'mountain style'. Nice view to the mountains. We didn't even wanted to close the curtains! eheh! For the first day I met others foreigners studying or working in Slovakia... three romanians, one lithuanian, two german girls and one greek and three more chinese guys. At night, during party, we had drinking competition! For the first time I accepted to join such. The rules were simple. Five people on a team(at least 2 girls) and we just had to be faster than the other team. We made a Brazilian-Romanian alliance: 2 Brazillians, 3 Romanians. And we named our team: C.M.F.F.A. (which means: "Crazy Mother Fuckers From Abroad"). But it didn't work so well, we lost in the first round against the AIESEC comittee of Banska Bystrica, Luis spilled half of his beer on his t-shirt. LOL. I was making fun of him all night long, saying: "Dude, you should have tried to drink it only through the mouth...". LOL.

3rd Day (16-NOV-2007): On the third day the weather was so good, very sunny. So we(people from abroad) decided to go for a walk in the mountains guided by an Slovakian dude, Stocky. We made lots of photos (click to enlarge):

We also tried some "butt-skiing" as you can see in this video:

As the night set we had a global village, in which we had a lot of fun!! The Brazilian stand was surrounded by people all the time! Everybody wanted to taste the brazilian "caipirinha", yeah! But the problem was that we didn't have one of the main ingredients for the caipirinha: ICE.

In fact we had plenty of this main ingredient outside:

We thought that maybe we mustn't show what was our source! Yeah.. that's right! We made capirinha with snow, and of course also lemons, sugar, and brazilian 'cachaca' brought by Leleh (brazilian girl who was also attending the conference). We also had a 7-min presentation of Brazil and they projected it during the party. Everybody was watching it and screaming: "Brazil! Brazil!" -- so cool. I was wearing my favourite Sepultura t-shirt! World wide known brazilian metal band! :)

4th Day (17-NOV-2007): The 13 hours long journey back home. Three train changes, delays, and when we finally arrive in Wroclaw, we took the wrong night bus and we ended up in the other side of the town. :P

More photos:

Also an extra video, snow fun:

Next time, I will also visit Bratislava and Banska Bystrica! ;)


Karol Tomoki said...

Yo man, what's up!
I miss Slovakia!... next time you go there, go hiking to Slovakian Tatras - AT LEAST once! They're so much better than Polish ones... Rysy from a Slovakian side - a true beauty.
I like what ur doing there. Love your vids :) Keep ze faith and happy Polonization!

Iteke said...

Hehehe. Fajne zdjęcia. =)
Zawody na picie... Ciekawie spędzasz wolny czas. :>
Buziaki :*

Milishor said...

Hei, I saw Orestis in the video...he wa in my LC in CLuj Napoca for some small the world is:)) Hehe,. Luisito, u seem to have your way with glad for u and ypur first time to experience snow:)