Monday, 15 October 2007

Weekend in the hills

Hej people, new adventures in the hills, haha!! All the AIESEC trainees from @AE went to the hills for a very pleasant weekend!

Fortunately weather was really good! very sunny but cold! (Temperature went around +1 degree at night, according to my body termometer, maybe less). Even walking in the shade I couldn't wear my jacket, it was too sunny and besides, I was climbing and carrying heavy stuff (bananas, bread and cherry coke), I think that made me feel warm enough. I really missed my backpak, everyone was using shoulders to carry stuff, except me! :P
maybe next time.

Who also came:
  • Tjeerd (photo)
  • Kay
  • Alisha
  • Luis
  • Miki
  • Riina
  • Mili
  • Anton
  • Ekaterina
  • Masaruuu

On saturday 13th, we took a bus to Sobótka city (50min ride) and then 2 hours climbing (carrying stuff) - there were 2 hills, he had to climb the smaller one first and then climb the bigger one to the top, whereas we'd booked our rooms. 1 more detail to be added: no shower in the hostel! We knew it
since the beggining so we were prepared to be stinky as hell :P

After seizing an amazing sunset from the top of the hill, Tjeerd set up the fire whereas a BBQ was about to start. Later on, no one had good scary stories to tell, so we ended-up having a lot of fun playing "Mafia" by the fire. I'd never did it before, but I liked so much! Tjeerd could convince Alisha so easily that he was not member of mafia even after great and obvious evidences... haha!

Surroundings up in the hill:

Also some photos: (click to enlarge)

In the morning, Kay helped everyone to wake up by making noise and by switching on the lights, I helped her by putting some heavy music because I'm always carrying my mp3 player and my speakers! (can't live without the music... you all know that...LOL). Anton woke up and started drink beer! yeah! truly russian dude!

Amazing sunset:

After all, journey back to our beloved Wrocław (Miasto Spotkań), and planning the next weekend! :)


Iteke said...
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Iteke said...

O tej porze roku w górach jest zimno. :) Ładne zdjęcia.
Miłego tygodnia. ^^