Thursday, 4 October 2007

Sunny day at the Zoo!

Wroclaw has a very nice zoo!! And best of all: I finally saw the white tiger again!! Last time I've seen one of it was in 1998. :)

Who also came to the Zoo:


Luis #1(Brazil)
Luis #2(Guatemala)

That zoo is really cool, it has also a 'mini-zoo' whereas we can touch younglings, but on the other hand, that place is really stinky. I don't think it is their fault, every zoo smells like elephant shit.

For the first time I saw an armadillo! and when I was a kid, my father used to fright me, saying: "Run away Nano! the armadillo is gonna get ya" -- I tried to make some footage of the armadillos, but they were more worried about reproducing its specie than striking a pose. LOL.

Armadillo ("Tatu" in portuguese)

Alisha was lost and she called Kamilita to help her to get to the zoo, but she couldn't help and she gave the telephone to Luis, but he's a brazillian dude and doesn't know the city very well, also couldn't help her! Afterwards Luis was pissed off saying:

- Why me??
- I don't know how to explain!!
- I'm new in town!!

Hahaha!! I got that on camera:

Finally, she arrived 3h later, and complaining a lot about the smell. LOL! Ok ok!! We know! Look at her just after her arrival:

Oooh!! So cute, BUT LATE! :P

And here I have some more photos (click to see full size):

Oh, and also some videos:

Elephant dancing

White tiger

Entrance: 10zl (For students: 4zl)
My evaluation(0-10): 8,5 (Worth visit!)

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