Saturday, 29 September 2007

AIESEC Trainees on TV?

Today all the trainees of AIESEC AE in Wroclaw were invited to record a small footage for a video about the city of Wroclaw and diversity. So they needed people from different countries to take part on it and record some easy phrases in our own languages such as "Hello", "I love Wroclaw", "Wroclaw, the meeting place", "Wroclaw is my favourite city" and so on.

It was interesting for me, to listen to these phrases in Hindi, Romenian, Russian, Dutch, Spanish...

There were some funny parts during the sessions... Tjeerd (the dutch guy) had troubles to figure out how to say "I love Wroclaw" in dutch, so he had to try it again! But the funniest part was when my russian friend, Anton, was going to record his part on the video and he got confused, as the guy asked him to say "Hello" he repeated it in english! And we all started laughting and wondering.. How come "hello" in Russian is also "hello" ?? -- Unfortunately I dont have his part of the video, but I got some as follows:


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Yifan said...

Hope Peng and you are hacing fun!
The mountains and snow are sooo beautiful!!
I envy you Nanoo
I stay in the office working like a robert now:(
Come to visit me in Belgium!!!