Saturday, 29 September 2007

AIESEC Trainees on TV?

Today all the trainees of AIESEC AE in Wroclaw were invited to record a small footage for a video about the city of Wroclaw and diversity. So they needed people from different countries to take part on it and record some easy phrases in our own languages such as "Hello", "I love Wroclaw", "Wroclaw, the meeting place", "Wroclaw is my favourite city" and so on.

It was interesting for me, to listen to these phrases in Hindi, Romenian, Russian, Dutch, Spanish...

There were some funny parts during the sessions... Tjeerd (the dutch guy) had troubles to figure out how to say "I love Wroclaw" in dutch, so he had to try it again! But the funniest part was when my russian friend, Anton, was going to record his part on the video and he got confused, as the guy asked him to say "Hello" he repeated it in english! And we all started laughting and wondering.. How come "hello" in Russian is also "hello" ?? -- Unfortunately I dont have his part of the video, but I got some as follows:


Friday, 21 September 2007

Zapraszamy was na tanią pizzę!

Today's episode: "Zapraszamy was na tanią pizzę" - We invite you for a cheap pizza!

Oh my dog! cheap pizza? "Cowabunga!!" (As the Ninja Turtles would say) ... Ok, there were 6 of us, including a new character of this novel: Alisha, from India !! LOL! And two lovely friends from AIESEC Wrocław: Monikita and Martita!

Today at Pizza Dominium: 50% discount for students! (WTF?) -- Yeah! Pick any pizza and pay half!

Nano: Hej folks, what about 4 cheeses?
Alisha: No! Why are we gonna order plain pizza without any topping?
Nano: But there are 4 cheeses on it! It's not plain pizza...
Alisha: But there's no meat!
Nano: ...
Luis #2: What about "picante"? Amiguitos, les gustam la pica? [Translation: Friends, do you like spicy?]
Nano: La ele! [Translation: No way!]
Luis #1: Se saia! [Translation: No way!]
Alisha: What are you talking about? I don't speak spanish!
Alisha: Ok, can be "picante" ! Whatever...

So, that's how it began. After the pizza she was saying it wasn't her fault. Grr! :P

I think a video can better show what really happened...

Later on, The beautiful waitress kindly asked: "Did you enjoy the pizza?"

I replied: "Na następnym razem kupię pizzę 4-serową!" (Next time I`ll order 4 cheese pizza!) - LOL!!

My polish language skills are increasing day by day... :P

Monday, 3 September 2007

Great reception in Warsaw!

Hej folks, welcome to my new blog!

After a long journey from my tropical home town (Salvador, Brazil) to Wrocław, Poland - I can finally breathe slavonic air, feel the warmth of this great and receptive people in Poland, and meet my polish friends again.

My arrival at Warsaw's airport wasn't so perfect because my luggage didn't come as well (stayed in Lisbon) -- freaking portuguese airline! :P But my friends Karol, Przemek, Gosia, Malwinka, Dorotka were there waiting for me with a big banner carrying a welcome message: "Nano witaj w domu" which means: "Nano, welcome home" (in polish) -- I felt so grateful... The next day in Warsaw (I was stinky and still waiting for my luggage) I visited a palace in Wilanow (real king palace) and went to a polish typical restaurant for some Pierogi. :)

On Sept, 5th I continued my trip to Wrocław (by train). Now I live on Kamienna Street, 10 min to Wrocław center, and I'm very happy with my new job, the company is very good and I have very good workmates, some of them also from different countries, such as Holland, Russia.. and even another Brazilian! (brazucas are in everywhere).

The city of Wrocław is full of students and young people, lots of good pubs and cheap beer. I became good friend of a guy from Guatemala (Sir Luis) and the other brazilian (Dom Luis) , and we made the Latin Alliance - "Los dos Luisitos y El cabron" - Me as "El cabron" - LOL!!

Well, as soon as things happen, they are gonna be written in their entirety in this blog! :)
For now, I'm done! Thx for being the first visitors of my blog!

Sept 2nd to be always remembered as "Day D".